We are a leading coffee factory in Spain and Colombia: we supply high-quality coffee beans to small buyers and also brand-name companies.

Located in Colombia and Spain, we are two independent businesses yet joined in many aspects. We are Coffee Wholesalers, Exporters, Importers, Roasters and Coffee Bag Manufacturers.

Our Spain Wholesale Coffee Company

Company Website: www.burdetcoffee.com

We are BURDET COFFEE, a Spanish Coffee Factory  located in Alicante, with full Roasting and Packaging facilities. Our Spain Coffee Company covers absolutely all aspects in the coffee business. Our factory possesses the latest up-to-date-machinery for large-scale roasting, bag manufacturing and packaging. Our team of external designers can help whichever clients who needs help designing their coffee bags.

We are a family business, with extensive experience in the coffee business. As a European certified Coffee Company, we comply with the strictest sanitary, health and export regulations. Reliability and performance have allowed to us to maintain steady growth and remain solid since our foundation in 1994.

Since 1994, our Group has been administering cafeterias and bars. In 1997 the Group acquired a roasting plant. It was at this time that we began to travel to India, Brazil and Colombia, tracing the coffee’s origins to their source whilst ensuring the purchase of the highest quality raw materials. This was also the time when we took on the responsibility of running the entire production process ourselves, from planting to roasting and packaging, with different blends and origins. 

We now source coffees  of origins from all over the world, though mainly with 6 of our company-selected beans and blends, ranging from Robustas to Premium Supremos. We supply coffee worldwide to traders, wholesalers, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel and supermarket chains. We specialize in Private Label, being one of the few high-quality OEM/Private Label Coffee Companies in the world to offer such a wide range of services. Our structure allows us to provide the lowest possible prices to allow for profitable margins for our clients. We can provide practically any coffee from any origin the client requieres.

Our Colombian Wholesale Coffee Company

Company website: PremiumColombianCoffee.com

In Colombia: We are a Colombian Coffee Company: Coffee Wholesalers, Roasters and Exporters. We work directly with the farms. We control the quality of the coffee we supply in all its stages, given that we are suppliers of the highest grades of coffee: 100% Arabica Excelso and Supremo Coffee, as also Organic Coffees from the most remote tribes in Colombia. We also deal with coffee beans from different regions of the planet. We supply coffee wholesale worldwide. As Wholesale Coffee Roasters and Suppliers in Colombia, we have managed, over the years, to obtain the best price possible for the highest-quality coffee by eliminating as many middle-men as possible. We are a Coffee Company that sells wholesale to 23 countries. The minimum orders from Colombia are 20-ft container.

We can offer our clients a total and complete coffee service, from coffee bean, to coffee machinery to coffee bag on shelf! All in one same place.

Business Director – K. Ruiz