Typical Wholesale Questions

Typical Wholesale Questions


1. What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale coffee?

It depends on the roaster. Some can sell small batches other requiere a minimum of 1 pallet.

2. Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Some roasters offer small discounts, but usually at high volume.

3. Can I get a sample before placing a wholesale order?

All roasters and coffee companies give the option of ordering samples for testing.

4. What varieties of coffee do you offer for wholesale?

Every coffee factory will have a selection.

5. How do you package the coffee for wholesale orders?

Every coffee factory will have their options, but generally they are the standard sizes. Some coffee factories give you the option of sending your own bags.

6. What are the available roast profiles for wholesale coffee?

Most coffee roasters give you the option to roast at the level you wish but it is generally good to listen to their expertise for they will know what is the best roast level for each coffee. To custom-roast at the roast you wish, they will probably requiere a certain minimum quantity such as 120 kgs (264 lbs) which would be the minimum quantity for a traditional roaster to roast only for you.

7. Are there any specific certifications or quality standards for your wholesale coffee?

Each coffee factory can present you with the certifications they have.

8. Do you provide private label options for wholesale coffee?

Most big coffee factories offer the option of private labelling. Important to check the minimum quantities required. The easiest option is bags with labels (lower minimum quantities).

9. What is the turnaround time for fulfilling wholesale orders?

Roasting and packaging usually takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on the volume of your order. Apart from that, you would have to add printing times. If labels, usually one week. If printed bags, usually around 1 month.

10. How do you handle shipping and delivery for wholesale purchases?

Coffee factories offer shipping by air (more expensive), land (truck) or sea. Depending on your order, they would have to get a shipping quote for you.