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Alicante Coffee Factory


Do you offer private label? : Yes
Our Brand : 100 kgs (you may mix coffees)
Private Label : Plain bags: 100 kgs / Printed bags: 10,000 bags per type of coffee and design but we can roast 1 pallet (570 kgs) and save the roll for you.
Samples : Samples have to be our branded 1 kg bags which you would pay at wholesale price + shipping. We do not ship using Postal Service, only Fedex, DHL or UPS, whichever cheaper.
Coffees Available : ExtraCreme (100% Robusta)/Natural (Blend)/Especialisimo (Blend)/Espresso (100% Robusta)/Colombia Supremo/Guatemala/Costa Rica/India/Ethiopia

A Spain-located Coffee factory. We are international suppliers of wholesale HIGH-QUALITY GOURMET roasted coffee to supermarkets, coffee shops and businesses around the world.

Our coffee factory is located in Alicante, Spain, with a 20-year history as roasters and a fully automated packaging system on-site. Our company, chosen as one of the leading coffee companies in Spain, offers a complete line of good quality and premium coffees. Our Classic line can be found in supermarkets and coffee shops around the world. The line covers all coffee tastes, from strong robustas to soft exquisite arabicas. Our second, recently-launched coffee collection, is a premium Single Origin line of coffees, most being fine arabicas. The prize-winning packaging design of these Single Origin Gourmet coffees are fast becoming a success around the world.

What we sell:

We specialize in pure, high-quality roasted coffee, whole bean or ground, no mixes.

Our certifications

Our Factory is IFS and FDA certified. To have this type of certification means that the factory has had to undergo very exhaustive process and quality controls. Generally, in order to sell coffee in supermarkets, the coffee needs to have been roasted in a factory with IFS certification or similar.

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Why clients choose to work with us:

· We supply high-quality coffee at excellent wholesale prices.

. We roast per order.

. We ship by sea, air and land.

· Our factory is IFS and FDA certified.

· Very fast and efficient customer service. You are connected by whatsapp 7 days a week to your Account Manager who will always be available to help you with whatever you may need.

· We are experienced international sellers. We have experience exporting to even the most complicated regions of the world.

– Attractive eye-catching bags.

– 20-year Family-run company.

Client Profile:

Our clients range from small coffee shops to major restaurant and supermarket chains. From small orders by air to full containers by sea or truck.

Are taxes added to prices?

· If you are an EU Company, no taxes are added to prices (you would need to provide VAT for us to to not add taxes.).

· If you are a Spanish Company, 10% is added on coffee and 21% on transport.

· For the rest of the world, no taxes are added to prices.

. There are no customs between countries in the EU.

How many kilograms can be shipped in a 20-ft container?

11 European pallets of 576 kgs each, with a total of 6336 kgs.

Minimum Order:

Minimum order: Usually 1 pallet (576 kgs) but for starters we can accept 100-kg orders.

Where we ship from:

We ship from Spain. Our factory is located in Alicante, which is highly positive for logistics purposes, for we can ship by sea directly from Alicante or Valencia.

What shipping options do you offer?

We ship by sea, land and air.

How many bags are in a pallet?

  • 250-gram bags: 576 kgs. That is 2304 bags in 144 boxes of 16 bags each.
  • 1 kg-bags: 576 kgs. That is 576 bags in 96 boxes of 6 bags each.

What are some approximate shipping costs?

We have to quote per case but these are some general prices:

· By truck (Europe): approximately 1 -1.5 euro/kg (based on 100 kgs)

· By air (Rest of the World): approximately 7-8 euros/kg (based on 100 kgs)

· By sea (pallet): approximately 0.75-1.5 euros/kg (based on 500 kgs)

By sea (per container): approximately 0.10-0.15 euros/kg (for 18,000 kgs)

Client may also send to pick-up at factory using own transport company.

Bag sizes:

• 1 kg (2.2lb): whole bean

• 250grams (8.8oz): ground or whole bean (depending on coffee and volume).

Number of bags per box:

All orders have to be shipped out in full boxes.

• 1 kg bags are 6 bags per box.

• 250-gram bags are 16 bags per box.

Box sizes:

· 1 kg box: 30 cm x 33 cm x 28 cm

· 250-gram box: 40 cm x 20 cm x 21 cm

The boxes are brown carton boxes. For orders over 100 kgs, you may request for us to put

specific text on each box (small area of around 10 cms x 10 cms).


Our valves are high-quality one-way valves.


Our standard roast is medium. For orders over 100 kgs, you may choose roast.

Expire date:

2 years

Do you sell green coffee?

Yes, please ask us for catalogue. Minimum order is 1 pallet (around 600 kgs). You can mix coffees in pallet volume.

Can I order samples?

Yes, in green or roasted. You will be charged the coffee at wholesale price + shipping. For samples, please email us to send you the Sample form to be completed.

Lead time for orders: 

Due to the high volume we handle in our factory, please always estimate 2-3 weeks.

Do you offer Private Label?


What Private Label options do you offer?

For printed bags, the minimum order is 1,000 bags per design. That is the minimum quantity our Printing House requests from us to prepare your roll. We can roast for you smaller 1-pallet orders and save your roll for you.

If you are looking for lower volume, we can package in plain black bags and we can laser print on the side for you, and you can apply your label when you get your order. Minimum order in this case is 100 kg per type of coffee, in 1 kg bags, whole bean only.

Printing times for printed bags are approximately 3-4 weeks once design has been approved.


We work with bank wire, 100% in advance.

Samples can be ordered online credit card payment using Paypal.

In case of interest,  request your catalogue and pricelist via email.

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