• Teramo Coffee Factory – Italy
  • Teramo Coffee Factory – Italy
  • Teramo Coffee Factory – Italy
  • Teramo Coffee Factory – Italy
  • Teramo Coffee Factory – Italy
  • Teramo Coffee Factory – Italy
  • Teramo Coffee Factory – Italy

Teramo Coffee Factory – Italy


Do you offer private label? : Yes
Samples : You may order samples, which will be charged at wholesale price + shipping.

Fitness Coffee 

We are headquartered in Teramo, Italy, a pioneering family-owned business renowned for its innovative coffee creations. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has been dedicated to introducing new coffee blends that not only captivate the senses but also contribute significantly to overall psycho-physical well-being. Fitness Coffee GVM’s revolutionary products, Fitness Coffee and Cannabissimo Coffee blends, are carefully crafted to provide a distinct departure from traditional coffee, offering a delightful fusion of taste, pleasure, and enhanced health benefits.

At the heart of Fitness Coffee GVM’s philosophy lies a groundbreaking innovation: the convergence of pleasure and health. The company is driven by a unique vision – to enrich the lives of coffee enthusiasts by enhancing the most beloved beverage on the planet. Fitness Coffee GVM’s innovation lies in offering consumers products that retain the familiar pleasure and flavor of coffee while delivering an amplified contribution to their general psycho-physical well-being. Instead of relying on numerous pills and supplements, Fitness Coffee GVM’s ingenious approach advocates for well-being through the daily ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee.

Unlike many nutritional supplements that demand a radical change in behavior, Fitness Coffee GVM’s offerings fit seamlessly into established routines. The Fitness Coffee and Cannabissimo product lines present a refreshing alternative – a pathway to enhanced wellness that aligns with familiar habits. This innovative strategy empowers individuals to make a positive change without disruption, as they replace their conventional coffee with blends that deliver both taste and tangible health advantages.

With every sip of Fitness Coffee and Cannabissimo, individuals embrace a lifestyle where health and flavor coexist harmoniously, fulfilling the promise of coffee as a source of vitality and joy.

What we sell:

Our range includes the following lines:

  1. Fitness Coffee:
  • Fitness Coffee Antioxidant, coffee with selected herbs and spices that hepls boost energy levels,

support metabolism, detoxify your body and provide powerful antioxidants;

  • Fitness coffee Konjac Blend, coffee with glucomannan (konjac root) that helps to promote weight loss.


  1. Cannabissimo coffee:
  • Cannabissimo coffee with hemp seeds,
  • Cannabissimo coffee with hemp seeds extract,
  • Cannabissimo coffee with hemp leaves,
  • Cannabissimo coffee with hemp flowers.


  1. Espresso Prima Classe (regular coffee).

Our offerings include coffee blends available in 1 kg and 250 g bags, Nespresso-compatible capsules, and espresso pods. Every order is freshly roasted and packed ensuring that you experience the peak flavor and aroma with every cup.

Our certifications

Our Factory is HACCP and FDA certified.

Our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@cannabissimo

Why clients choose to work with us:

  • Innovative Excellence: Our reputation for innovation sets us apart. With blends like Fitness Coffee, enriched with thoughtfully selected herbs and spices, and Cannabissimo Coffee, featuring the wellness benefits of hemp seeds, leaves, and flowers, we’re at the forefront of reimagining the coffee experience. By offering these products to your customers, you differentiate yourself from competitors and provide them with an exceptional coffee experience that they won’t find elsewhere. This exclusivity creates a strong selling point for your business, attracting customers seeking distinctive and premium products.
  • Freshly Roasted: Your satisfaction guides us. Each order is freshly roasted and packed, ensuring peak flavor and aroma with every cup. Nothing is sitting around a warehouse waiting to be sent out. We sell only fresh roasted coffee with 24 months shelf life.
  • Eye-Catching Elegance: Captivating packaging designs enhance the sensory experience of each cup.
  • Family-Owned Craftsmanship: Rooted in tradition, we infuse our blends with the warmth and authenticity that only a family-owned business can provide.
  • High Demand and Growing Market: The demand for health-focused, hemp-infused and specialty coffee is on the rise. Cannabissimo and Fitness Coffee tap into these growing markets, catering to health-conscious consumers and coffee enthusiasts who prioritize quality and wellness. These unique products will elevate your business and attract health-conscious consumers seeking quality and innovation.
  • Premium Pricing and Profit Margins: Fitness coffee and Cannabissimo’s premium nature allows for competitive pricing that reflects their quality and uniqueness. This positioning opens up the opportunity to command higher profit margins compared to regular coffee products, thereby maximizing your revenue potential.
  • Differentiation: Fitness Coffee and Cannabissimo set your business apart from competitors by offering a distinct and innovative products. With its blends of premium coffee with selected herbs, spices and hemp, Cannabissimo and Fitness Coffee ranges provide a unique selling point that can attract customers looking for something special and out of the ordinary.
  • Global Reach and Trademark Excellence: Notably, our products are exported worldwide, and our trademarks, Fitness Coffee and Cannabissimo, are registered across significant jurisdictions, including the EU and the USA.
  • Carefully Selected and Certified: All added vegetal healthy ingredients are meticulously chosen from certified suppliers. These ingredients are safe and commonly used in herbal preparations, ensuring all our products that can be consumed daily, over a lifetime. All our products are 100% natural and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Artful Customization: Your preferences drive our innovation. Whether a unique flavor profile, captivating packaging, or an exclusive blend, we translate your vision into reality.

Our Client Profile:

Our clientele ranges from gyms, beauty centers, coffee shops, hemp/natural food/health food/vegan food shops, growshops, to exclusive distributors and supermarket chains. We accommodate a diverse spectrum of orders, from small air shipments to full containers transported by sea or truck.

Are taxes added to prices?

  • If you are an EU Company, no taxes are added to prices (you would need to provide VAT number valid for cross border transactions within the EU).
  • If you are an Italian Company, 22% VAT is added.
  • For the rest of the world, no taxes are added to prices.


How many kilograms can be shipped in a 20-ft container?

11 European pallets of  378 kgs each (1512 bags of 250 g), with a total of 4158 kgs.

Minimum Order:

  • Minimum wholesale order: ½pallet (756 bags of 250 g) per item but for starters we can accept smaller order quantities. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist;
  • Minimum retail order: 1 carton per item.

Where we ship from:

We ship from Italy. Our factory is located in Mosciano Sant’Angelo (TE), close to highway exit, which is highly positive for logistics purposes. We can ship our coffee from any Italian port.

What shipping options do you offer?

We ship by sea, land and air.

How many bags fit on a pallet?

Carton Contents Number ofBags/Boxes per Pallet Number ofCartons perPallet Pallet Sizes
250 g bags in cartons of 24 bags 1512 bags 63 120 x 80 x 195 cm
1 kg bags (Cannabissimo coffee) in cartons of 8 bags 432 bags 54  

120 x 80 x 195 cm

1 kg bags (regular coffee) in cartons of 12 bags 432 bags 36 120 x 80 x 180 cm
Single-dose espresso pods ESE in cartons of 150 pods 120 cartons of 150 pods 120 120 x 80 x 195 cm
Single-dose espresso capsules Nespresso in cartons of 100 capsules 120 cartons of 100 capsules 120 120 x 80 x 195 cm
Single-dose espresso capsules Nespresso in boxes of 10 capsules. Cartons of 20 boxes 2,800 boxes of 10 capsules 140 120 x 80 x 180 cm

What are some approximate shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary from country to country, please ask us for a quote. Here are some approximate examples of prices:

  • By truck (Europe): approximately 160-300 Euro per full pallet
  • By air (Rest of the World): approximately 7-8 euros/kg (based on 100 kgs)
  • By sea (per pallet): approximately 0.6-1.5 euros/kg per full pallet
  • By sea (per FLC 20’): approximately 1,500-2,500 Euro

The customer can also use their own courier to organize the shipment.

Packaging sizes we offer:

Product Quantity per Carton Carton Net Weight
Pods ESE 7 g packed individually 150 pods 1,05 kg
Capsules Nespresso 5 g packed individually 100 capsules 500 g
Capsules Nespresso in boxes of 10 capsules, 55 g 20 boxes 1,1 kg
250 g bags 24 bags 6 kg
1 kg bags (Cannabissimo coffee) 8 bags 8 kg
1 kg bags (regular coffee) 12 bags 12 kg

Packaging details:

  • Our packaging is bilingual Italian-English. Furthermore we have a possibility to customize our 250 g bags with distributor’s details and other text in any language printing them directly on the side of the bags.
  • Packaging in modified atmosphere. Packing coffee in modified atmosphere offers extended shelf life and allows us to preserve the freshness, high quality, aroma and flavor over time making our products more attractive to the customers.
  • Bags with one-way degassing valve. One-way degassing valves are designed to allow pressure to be released from an air-tight package while preventing air from getting back into the package. Fresh roasted coffees emit a large amount of gas CO2 for several days after roasting.

The one-way degassing valve was invented to:

  • package coffee immediately after roasting;
  • allow the CO2 emitted from coffee to escape out of the bag;
  • not allow air to enter the bag to spoil freshness;
  • extend shelf stability.

Roasting and grinding size:

Our standard roast is medium. Upon request our coffee can be produced in any grinding size (extra-fine, fine espresso, medium etc.), roasting style without any surcharge (for orders starting from 150 kg).

Shelf life:

2 years

Do you offer private / white label products?

Yes. Packaging solutions available:

  • single-dose espresso pods Ese standard 44 mm (cartons of 150 pods). Each pod is packed individually. Your logo printed in black color on each bag. Minimum order quantity 120 cartons per item;
  • Nespresso compatible capsules in cartons of 100. Individually packed capsules with your logo printed in black colour on each bag. Minimum order quantity: 120 cartons per item;
  • Nespresso compatible self-protected capsules in boxes of 10 capsules. Customized full color printed boxes, design and artwork provided by your company. MOQ per Nespresso compatible capsules in boxes of 10: 3.000 boxes per item;
  • 5 kg bags with one-way degassing valve in case you prefer to repack the coffee in smaller size bags. Minimum order quantity: 100 kg per item.
  • Any other packaging solutions are available on request. Please share with us your ideas and we’ll be happy to translate your vision into reality.


  • Ground coffee with herbs and spices,
  • Ground coffee with glucomannan (Konjac root),
  • Ground coffee with hemp seeds, leaves, flowers;
  • Coffee in beans with hemp seeds extract;
  • Regular coffee (ground or in beans).

Can I order samples?

Yes. You will be charged the coffee at wholesale price + shipping. For samples, please email us to send you the Sample form to be completed.

Lead time for orders: 

Please estimate 5-15 working days.


We work with 100 % advanced bank transfer or irrevocable L/C (for orders starting from 20,000 Euro).

Contact: Request our catalogue by clicking on Live Chat or Whatsapp or Email us to communicate with our factory salesperson.

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